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Nanjing VICTORY Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in the logistics system and the three-dimensional shelf of planning, design, manufacture, installation and consulting services to a comprehensive enterprise of the Chinese Institute of Logistics and member enterprises. VICTORY to provide a variety of automated logistics systems, logistics solutions and logistics management software is known for.

VICTORY production base is located in Binjiang Development Zone, the factory technical rooms to design, develop a number of columns, beams, floor system of steel rolling line; Taiwan imported more than automatic punching dedicated line; relying on Baosteel coil resources, from raw materials to cold plate coil of the slitting, punching, cut to length to the use of a molding assembly line operations; company to introduce automatic electrostatic powder spray line of the European host of developing its own line of pre-treatment tank immersion-style, forming a complete set of production systems.

Products in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system requirements to run, and always the pursuit of advanced international management mode, constantly absorbing domestic and international logistics industry, advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic enterprises, continuous steel technology and mechanical theories, in the introduction of , digesting foreign advanced technology, based on independent research and development, innovative and enterprising, so that VICTORY is always in the domestic logistics industry-leading level of logistics.

Computer-aided plant design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD, CAPP, CAM) system, can follow the user's requirements to design the appropriate material handling solutions. The user of any material handling requirements, VICTORY will, through their experience at any time for you to find the appropriate and reasonable solution.

VICTORY company to achieve the customer's logistics strategy, constantly absorbing new ideas, new ideas, new technology, trying to create a brand, an integrated logistics system integration as the goal.