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Heavy-duty storage shelves shelves in China development prospect analysis purposes


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China's development prospects of the shelf is very good, to market development, the modern logistics warehousing shelves have a strong comprehensive function, the market demand growth steadily. Most of the domestic demand is concentrated in coastal and inland large and medium-sized cities with developed economy and rapid development of logistics. The industry is relatively concentrated in machinery, automobile, electronics, medicine, logistics and warehousing.

The prospects for the development of the shelf is also reflected in China's accession to the WTO, especially with the importance of the country's logistics and warehousing development and the substantial increase in capital investment to modern logistics warehousing shelves demand surge several times. As shelves and Changzhou shelves of high technological content, safety factor, the domestic shelf manufacturers rarely have such production capacity. I believe that with China's rapid economic growth, the growth of the logistics industry, the development of modern logistics and storage shelf prospects will be getting better and better.

In the regional distribution, the global 60% of the elevated warehousing distribution in Europe, but the Asian market, especially the Chinese market is rapidly rising. To market development, due to the modern logistics warehouse shelves have a strong comprehensive function, the market demand growth steadily. The major shelf manufacturers in the technical aspects of investment will increase, technology updates will be faster.

Light shelves This shows that the development prospects of the shelves is very good, modern enterprises must achieve the product Invoicing management, storage, storage shelves to help you make full use of space, to achieve uniform stacking, storage mode is first class.

There are many types of shelves, we understand the number of storage shelves it. Then let us take a look at the following characteristics of heavy-duty storage shelves with the use of it.

Heavy-duty shelves of heavy load, heavy-duty storage shelves each load up to 5000kg, access quickly and easily, is the most widely used pallet cargo storage system, has a strong versatility. The structure of the medium-sized shelves is that the shelves are divided into rows along the width of the warehouse, leaving a roadway for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery. Each row of shelves is divided into a number of columns along the length of the warehouse, in the vertical direction is divided into a number of layers, thus forming a large number of cargo space for the pallet storage of goods.

Features: Heavy-duty storage shelves of each tray can be independently deposited or moved, the warehouse shelves make the loading and unloading process more convenient and faster. Can adapt to all types of goods, according to the size requirements of the beam height adjustment, as much as possible to use the upper storage space. The most simple facilities, the lowest cost, installation and removal is extremely convenient.

Heavy-duty storage shelves are made of high-quality steel, electrostatic spraying surface treatment, corrosion / rust / solid appearance. Its various specifications and load-bearing design to meet the factories, warehouses, assembly lines, storage supermarkets use requirements. When you need to load each shelf 100-150kg, this shelf is the ideal choice, but also the composition of the platform, so light shelves suitable for factory storage of light parts and warehousing of supermarket use. Heavy-duty storage shelves are assembled using plug-in, easy installation and dismantling, and versatile. Steel plate up and down any regulation to meet a variety of use requirements.

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