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The fixed investment enthusiasm of the warehousing industry is not reduced


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In the recent end of the Eleventh China Warehousing Industry Conference, the China Storage Association released the "2016 China Warehouse Industry Blue Book." "Blue Book" by the China Association of warehouses organized by the annual industry report compiled since 2007 has been published for 10 years. The book seeks to fully reflect the annual development of China's warehousing industry trends, to guide the planning and construction of various types of warehouse facilities, and promote modern warehousing and distribution center for the healthy development of various types of logistics play an active role in the industry has become an essential authoritative reading . This year's "Blue Book" a total of eight chapters, 240,000 words. "Blue Book" is the core part of the 2016 warehouse industry development report. According to the relevant statistic data of the country and the data of the typical warehousing enterprises above the scale and the relevant survey data, the comprehensive report makes an overall evaluation on the development of the warehousing industry in 2015, and analyzes and forecasts the development characteristics, existing problems and trends of the warehousing industry.

In 2015 the storage industry to maintain steady development trend. Storage industry fixed investment amounted to 661.997 billion yuan, an increase of 28.4%. From the horizontal comparison, the fixed assets investment in the storage industry increased faster than the overall growth of the logistics industry, but also higher than the investment growth of the whole society, which reflects the historical situation of the warehousing industry and the reality of market demand. From the vertical comparison, before 2008, the growth rate of investment in the warehousing industry reached 30% in average, up to 50%. After 2008, the growth rate decreased generally, but the increase in 2015 was 5.6 percentage points higher than that in 2014, which indicated that the development of warehousing industry Strong momentum. By the end of 2015, China's business general (normal temperature) warehouse area of ​​955 million square meters, compared with 910 million square meters in 2014 increased by 5%, of which about 26% of the warehouse, bungalow warehouse accounts for about 58%; Accounting for 16%. To the end of 2015, China's total capacity of 106.9955 million cubic meters of cold storage capacity (static storage capacity of about 27.3332 million tons), an increase of 11.90% over 2014. Survey shows that more than 100 large-scale general purpose storage enterprises to complete the cargo throughput of 175.88 million tons in 2015, than the reported business in 2014 cargo throughput growth of 1%; the main business income of more than 20.56 billion yuan, down 6.6% ; Main business profit of 21.6 billion yuan, a decrease of 16.3% over the previous year. 30 above the scale of the typical low-temperature storage enterprises in 2015 to complete the cargo throughput of 8.6114 million tons, down 0.6% over the previous year; main business income of 4.71 billion yuan, up 8% over the previous year, the main business cost of 3.73 billion yuan, An increase of 11% over the previous year; the main business profit of 990 million yuan, down 2% over the previous year.

The main features of the development of the warehousing industry in 2015: storage facilities building enthusiasm, warehousing real estate enterprises to become the mainstay of modern storage facilities, mainly to meet the needs of electronic business warehousing and gradually to the world; warehousing industry in the integration of resources, business logistics standardization and common The cold chain industry trends continue to improve, cold chain standardization work was put on the agenda, fresh electricity providers for the development of the industry to provide sustained power; electricity and storage development has a new bright spot, the electricity business to accelerate the differentiation of logistics; hazardous chemicals Warehousing industry has been hit hard, standardized management has been put on the agenda; self-service warehousing into the rapid development period and the integration period, the industry management gaps appear; warehousing and financial areas to further adjust the good development of the industry ecosystem is being established; green warehouse distribution plan recognized, Green packaging concern; Chinese medicine warehouse logistics system construction policy environment has been formed, standards and technical conditions are basically available, usher in rapid development opportunities; intelligent warehouse construction progress, common distribution of information interoperability and warehousing industry Internet start. Comprehensive report shows that China's logistics industry as a late start, the overall level of development of China's current stage of economic development and scale compared to a certain gap. At the same time, China's logistics development in all aspects of unbalanced, especially as a key link in the storage industry, there are the following drawbacks: warehousing industry regulations are still not clear, the lack of standardized management of the warehousing industry; the scarcity of land resources, storage sites are increasingly difficult, Warehousing enterprise management capacity is weak, staff aging, modern warehouse management and technology are not widely used. In recent years, China's warehousing industry has become the world's largest warehousing and storage industry. Which to a certain extent, restricted the development of the logistics industry. Comprehensive report in the analysis of the policy, market, environment, technology and other factors on the impact of the industry after the 2016 warehouse industry trends were predicted, summed up the top ten hot spots. Including the deep integration of warehousing resources and storage network optimization, warehousing industry will enter a large adjustment, consolidation, reorganization period; warehousing information technology and electricity business warehousing in the Internet + strategy is expected to achieve significant progress; warehousing integration and urban and rural Common distribution will be the depth and breadth of development; to warehouse roof photovoltaic power generation, green logistics and green packaging, green storage and distribution technology and products to promote the use of storage and distribution as the symbol of green packaging usher in an opportunity; inventory management and supply chain optimization To become one of the development goals of the warehousing enterprises; to promote the implementation of the standardization of trade logistics to expand the cycle of the common use of the tray; low temperature storage and cold chain logistics system construction, targeted adaptation of various types of cold chain logistics network system ; Chinese herbal medicine storage network construction speed; financial warehousing to maintain the norms of sustainable development; dangerous goods warehousing in the establishment of a sound regulatory mechanism and other measures will be orderly development. "Blue Book" issued by the China Association of Warehousing and voluntary reporting companies under the control of industry data, to the end of 2015 the enterprise owned and rented warehouse facilities based on the total size of the top 100 enterprises from storage. Among them, Sinotrans Group Co., Ltd. and other general-purpose storage enterprises in the country in 2015 the general-purpose warehousing enterprises ranked 40, ProLogis Investment Management (China) Co., Ltd. and other storage and real estate enterprises in 2015 the national warehouse real estate enterprises ranked 10 strong, Henan Fresh supply chain Co., Ltd. and other cold storage enterprises in the country in 2015 refrigerated storage enterprises ranked 30 strong, Shanghai Fang Fang Storage and Transportation Group Co., Ltd. and other dangerous goods storage enterprises in the country in 2015 the top ten dangerous goods warehousing enterprises, Co., Ltd. and other dangerous goods tank storage enterprises in 2015 the national dangerous goods storage enterprises ranked 10 strong.

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