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Logistics planning practice platform - part specification and storage container planning


Manufacturing logistics planning the whole process, the parts are planning the smallest target units, especially in the automotive industry, the production of each finished car parts required in thousands of dollars in mind. To make a large number of parts in an orderly manner, in line with the pace of production operations, while production logistics system to meet the storage, transportation, handling handling needs, it must be part of the design of different storage containers. The storage container planning affects the size of parts storage and transportation and the efficiency of loading and unloading, and also directly affects the mode selection and quantitative calculation in other planning. Scientific and reasonable storage container planning is very important to reduce inventory cost and improve production logistics efficiency. The logistics planning practice platform brings together a large number of practical cases to provide detailed cases, data matching and methodological guidelines for the logistics planning teaching in colleges and universities, including the data and contents of storage containers planning in different scenarios.

In the storage container planning process, the logistics module and logistics size standards are part of the basis for container planning. Industrialization of the more developed countries or regions, because of industrial production for the whole society efficient low-cost logistics services, logistics standards are more standardized, the resulting economic externalities are higher. The standardized logistics module and the size standard can bring about the high efficiency and low cost of the logistics operation flow between the internal elements of the logistics system, between the different logistics systems, and between the logistics system and other systems. Therefore, this selection of German modulus and logistics size standards, based on the case of the platform will be part of the storage container size and planning the whole logic of combing the following:

(1) first of all to carry out the classification of parts. Generally according to the on-line requirements and parts of the specifications of the parts are divided into: non-stock directly on the station parts, smaller parts, personalized pieces of assembly differences, and other standard parts.

Figure - Case of a vehicle parts classification chart

(2) confirm the selected standards and reference standards, select the storage container, according to German standards, automobile manufacturing logistics planning in the general selection of six standard size, the volume of small to large turnover box, if the part size is greater than the maximum turnover Box, or weight is not suitable for plastic turnover box loading, can be customized uniform size of the wooden box or metal box. Some special parts will be equipped with proprietary loading containers.

(3) and then the appropriate part of the load box to calculate. General Parts Assuming that the box into the box to calculate the number of loadable, bending folding parts folded by bending assume that after the calculation into cubes into the number of loadable, similar to the volume of storage containers and turnover box volume to calculate the number of loadable. However, in the calculation, it should be noted that because the parts are assumed to be rectangular cubes and placed in the box or custom box when there are six storage methods, it is necessary to calculate the storage of each of the different loadable number, and finally take the largest loading program.

Figure - a part of the use of German standard A-D turnover box load

(4) Then check the load on the part, for example, consider the general turnover box, plastic tray material, if the part load exceeds the container load requirements, the number of parts loading needs to be reduced. If the bendable folded part is verified by the manufacturer to be unsuitable for bending in the folded form, the bin loading will normally be placed.

Figure - German standard A turnover of a part of the volume and the actual load relationship

(5) after the non-fitness box parts for statistics, and customize the exclusive container. Based on the cost of custom container, if the parts can be placed through a certain way into the tray, custom iron box or wooden box, you should be loaded into the rectangular box-type containers. Otherwise should be used for re-assembly or low-cost custom materials. Because containers for non-tank parts are much more expensive to manufacture than box-type containers, the increase in storage area due to in-situ piling up in storage also results in an opportunity cost of land loss.

(6) Finally, parts, loadable containers, containers corresponding to the number of loading, loading methods for statistics. In addition to special parts, there are several kinds of the same part can be loaded containers, corresponding to different loading containers, get the corresponding number of loading and loading.

Through the above calculation and statistics will be parts - containers corresponding to the form, which parts and storage containers to meet the "one-to-many mapping" relationship, storage containers and loading the number and loading method in line with the "one-to-one mapping" relationship. This form is also the basis for post-warehousing functional areas, equipment, personnel input and other planning.

Six-step part specification and storage container planning logic, complete statement from the part specification list to the parts - storage container corresponding to the form of the whole process. However, the part specification and the storage container planning are the basis of the logistics planning of the entire manufacturing industry, and the planning of the whole logistics system is a sub-step closely connected systems engineering. Therefore, in the planning of storage containers must be considered for the planning of the total fixed investment, for the handling system, the logistics system for the degree of ease of transformation and many other advantages and disadvantages and carefully balance the pros and cons.

And next week we will get from this part - storage container form to start calculating the amount of parts and select the most appropriate loading bins, to continue the practice of logistics planning process. Please pay attention to the theme of next week: logistics planning practice platform - the amount of spare parts and the choice of box.

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