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Rack-supported Mezzanine
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Rack-supported Mezzanine

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Rack supported Mezzanine is extensively used in the condition of high warehouse,small goods,large quantities and manual access. It can make full use of the space and save warehouse area. It could be designed to be 2 layers or multiple layers mezzanine (generally 2-3 layers) ,according to the actual field and specific requirements. There are heavy duty rack supported mezzanine; medium duty rack supported mezzanine and micro rack supported mezzanine . Different types can be selected according to different load requirements 

The general ways of transportation from 2nd floor to 3rd floor are: manual, elevating table, hoisting machine,conveyor belt, and forklift,etc

Quality and Benefts : 

Can be designed into two layers or multi-layers according to actual situation; 

Meet different load requirements;

Ensures fullest space utilization;

Provides direct access to all products;

Floor panel loading capacity: 100-1000kg/sqm.

详情-product details

Mezzanine Floor 01

Mezzanine Floor 03






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