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What is Pallet Racking?
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What is Pallet Racking?

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Pallet rack systems is an ingenious and space-saving method that is used to store products, equipment and even pallets or boxes within a warehouse as a means to become more organized and efficient. These units are available in a number of racking systems, so that managers can organize and sort based on their business needs. Pallet racking is a quick and simple method to help warehouses sort their products in an accessible manner within the allotted space that is provided in a given warehouse.

Managers can select from a number of pallet racking systems based on the size of their warehouse, and the ease of accessibility desired.  Drive in and drive thru systems are used in spaces where you need high storage space, and would still like to drive a forklift through up to six pallets in. If you are interested in flowing product into units based on their need in a quick and efficient manner, then pallet flow systems are appropriate for your company. Push back systems are ideal for businesses that need to store multiple SKUs on pallets together in one location in shelving. Lastly, but certainly one of the most common, selective pallet racking provides businesses to quick access of all pallets or boxes and identify multiple SKUs easily and quickly.


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