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Gravity Pallet Flow Racking
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Gravity Pallet Flow Racking

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Pallet Flow Rack

  Gravity Pallet Flow Rack are high density dynamic storage systems that increase flexibility and maintain the First-In / First-Out product flow from the stocking aisle to the picking aisle therefore increasing efficiency. Gravity flow racking permits dense storage by eliminating all aisles except the entrance and exit aisles.

  Gravity Pallet Flow Rack can be integrated into an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for even greater efficiency. This versatile rack design saves space, labor costs, and energy by efficiently utilizing gravity.  


pallet flow rack

Structural feature:

 1.Regarding the gravity pallet racking, by using roller rail system or pallet with roller and under the influence of gravity, “first in and first out” of goods is achieved.

 2.It is suitable for storing large quantity of goods with the same kind, taking full advantage of storage space.  

 3.It is especially suit for the goods which short quality guarantee period and can’t be pressed for long time.

 4.In order to get the goods move freely, the racking should be equipped with brake if the slope is long;  

 5.In order not to make the goods turn over when reaching to the bottom under great dash, the lower end of the slope should be equipped with separators and buffer.  

 6.The loading capacity is less than 1000kg per pallet. 



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